The Pursuit of More

Get what you want from life.


A concise guide to being more in control of your emotions instead of them controlling you so you get what you want from life.

This short book is for people that are just starting out in the self-help world. It is also for people that have started their pursuit of self-awareness, self-healing, and changing their life. If you want your life to change, you must change. Your job, career, family, romantic relationships, spirituality, health, fitness — none of this will change or transform for the better if you do not. If you really want more out of life, you must start working within yourself. You are the common denominator.

This book helps you with how to start, where to start — is simple yet deep, and short so that it can be consumed and implemented. It is a reference tool that can be read and utilized over and over.

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Here’s an excerpt from the beginning of The Pursuit of More:

“We all seem to be in this pursuit of more and many people don’t even know what this more is for themselves. Many have not identified it, or know if more is what they really want. If they do know, and if more is really wanted, there seems to be confusion or agitation of how to get it or attain it. We seem to be in our own way. This book is a reference guide to clearing a path for yourself. It is about getting out of your own way so you can experience your soul’s daydreams as a reality.

This book is an introduction on controlling your emotions and not allowing your emotions to control you. It’s about learning to not give another person or situation power of and over how you feel, what you feel, and when you feel it. It is about recognizing that we all have fun and happy emotions and we all have difficult emotions. Difficult emotions can be overwhelming, scary, exhausting, and many other things, but they need to be acknowledged, experienced, and excused in order to live a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life. When you are in control of your emotions you are more in control of your behavior. Only when you deal with and own your emotions as your own, and not someone’s or something else’s fault, can you experience more of what you do want — and less of what you don’t want.

Letting go of old, negative emotions can have these benefits: more control, more power, more calm, more joy, more happiness, more love, more feelings and experiences of freedom.

The Pursuit of more includes and is not limited to:
Becoming more self-aware. Being more willing to engage in doing the work that will actually bring more of the best things into your life. Doing more of what you truly want to do and less of what you don’t want to do. Being more of who you want to be and less of who you don’t want to be, and figuring out exactly what that means. It is giving yourself permission and room to figure out your deepest needs and desires. It is caring more about how you think and feel about yourself rather than your perception of how others think and feel about you. The pursuit of more is about living your life in more joy, love, happiness, good-health and well-being rather than fear, worry, anxiety, sadness, and pain. When you are more decisive, confident, thoughtful and more content within, you can then project that out. You will get more of what you want out of life and less of what you don’t want. You will get more of what you need within your life.

As you allow yourself to journey in your pursuit of more, allow yourself to be come aware of the people, things and situations that are currently in your life. Allow yourself to notice if you need more: sleep, quality- time alone, exercise, reading time, time out in nature, time to start or finish those “projects” you’ve been meaning to do and really want to do. (You can not create more time, but you can reallocate it.)

What illusions are holding you back? Do you have false beliefs of not feeling good enough, smart enough, less than, inadequate, unlovable, unworthy, and/or worthless? Are there toxic people that you are keeping around because you have a false belief that you have to? Are there activities that you are allowing yourself to engage in that are the opposite of helpful? Are you allowing yourself to stay at a job that you hate or in a work environment that is less than encouraging? Are you allowing other people’s voices to drowned out your own voice? Are you allowing yourself enough time to play, be creative, and engage your ‘inner-kid?’”

By Melissa Reese