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Forgiveness is not a last resort, it’s the first stop. Maybe it feels like you’re doing life wrong and maybe not. Maybe life feels pretty good, but there are a couple of things or areas in your life you feel could level up. Either way this book is for you. Pragmatic forgiveness is about pardoning, excusing, and letting go of people, things, and experiences that no longer serve you and your greater good. You have to lovingly dismiss the detrimental, the toxic, and the energy that takes you down. You have to release obligation and only serve commitment. Wouldn’t you like to jump to the end of the game and be the winner every time?

Why is it so hard to let go, move on, and be happy? How and where do you even start to be able to forgive?

Pragmatic forgiveness is as essential, basic, dynamic, and profound as eating. There is the concept of forgiveness, and then there is the actual application of it. This book offers the opportunity to truly understand forgiveness and actually implement it for oneself. It provides a nonreligious approach to utilizing forgiveness–intended to capture all human beings, no matter what “compartment” they’ve placed themselves in: religious, spiritual, agnostic, atheist, nothing, or “I don’t know.” This book encourages people to get past what they “think” they know as true and into what they “feel” they know is true, for themselves–regardless of any other expectations or limitations.

This book offers an opportunity to take a closer look and see the illusions of your life that seem like reality. Here is your guide to understanding forgiveness, knowing how and when to implement it, and creating your life.

How do you know you are in a place of forgiveness? Well, you see the past, including all people in it, as a gift or an opportunity. You also are able to think about individuals, that you were once pissed/mad/angry/frustrated/dismayed/etc. at, and wish them well, even LOVE.

Allowing your past to dictate your future is giving someone or something else way too much power over you. Forgive and move forward with more courage, love, strength, confidence, compassion, and kindness.

Forgiveness does not mean you have to maintain any sort of relationship with the person or thing you are forgiving. You have nothing to lose by being in a space of forgiveness. Forgiveness does not excuse a behavior, it excuses your heart and mind from holding on to it, re-living it, and suffering from it.

My paperback book is available for purchase! Or get it on Audible. There are two recordings that go along with it. Sold separately. These recordings walk you through a process of forgiveness that allows you to actually let go of the stored difficult emotions and baggage that no longer serve you. The process allows you to release and let go of pain, anger, fear, sadness, guilt, unhealthy thoughts, unhealthy relationship patterns, unhealthy habits, and more. We have a relationship with everything in our lives, from food, to cars, to animals, to people. By continuing to utilize this process you can decide if you move forward in a relationship or not. Either way once you go through the process you are the one that experiences the freedom.

Remember that forgiveness is for YOU not the other person or thing. If you still feel you need a little help to get in a place where you are ready to forgive, try repeating “The Forgiveness Mantra” on a daily basis. This “mantra” is found in my book.

Forgiveness Mantra

Just for today, may I treat myself with kindness, in thought and word, and pardon myself when I realize I may have slipped. Just for today, may I show kindness to another, even if it is not reciprocated. Just for today, may I let go of anger and resentment for myself and others. Just for today, may I let go of sadness and hurt and instead seek happiness and joy.
Just for today, may I acknowledge a triumph or success within myself as well as another. Just for today, may I recognize a lesson that another helped me understand and learn. Just for today, may I recognize a lesson that I allowed myself to understand and learn.