What is it?

A movement for pragmatic forgiveness. Encouraging kindness, creating community, and engaging daily practices to heal more deeply.
What could you pardon, excuse, or let go of for your utmost well-being?

Ways you can Forgive it Forward:

+ Purchase The Pursuit of Forgiveness 2.0: Unlocking Pragmatic Forgiveness for someone or an organization.
+ Forgive it forward to the planet by buying biodegradable products and use less plastic.
+ When you go for a hike or are on the beach, pick up trash and bring it to a designated trash can.
+ Use kinder words when speaking to yourself and think kinder thoughts about yourself.
+ Use kinder words and soften your heart to others. They may be having a rougher day than you.
+ Find more similarities than differences when meeting people and talking to people.

Encourage others to continue to forgive it forward.
Post about how you are forgiving it forward on social media and use the hashtag: #forgiveitforwardmovement