Limitations. The Illusions.

“Measurement is inherently flawed. We create what we use to measure by and we can only measure with what we’ve created. Just because we can’t measure it, does not mean it does not exist. Be careful of what you measure, how you measure, and who you measure. It’s good to have your own “measuring stick” for your life, and don’t beat yourself with it.” The Pursuit of More, Melissa Reese

The only way to unlock your power and release your truest potential is to get clear within yourself of what your own limitations are and what your own Truth is. People will tell you what their limitations are by how they encourage or dissuade you—other’s limitations are not yours, unless you allow them to be. Truth (with a capital “T”) has to do with your soul, essence, and personal genius that is both personal and shared within the collective of LOVE—within Truth is possibility. Truth (with a lower-case “t”) is developed from beliefs that are not necessarily true, mostly based on perception, personal experience, and assumption from correlation—it is both personal and shared only within humanity, but not within the greater collective of LOVE.

At one point in time there was a “truth,” a belief held that it was impossible for a human to run a mile in under four minutes. Scientists said this, doctors said this, runners said this, the general public echoed this, it was touted as “fact.” No one had ever documented anyone running a mile in under four minutes. One man refused to believe this, he knew something differently for himself, he knew a different Truth.

When this man showed the world that it could be done people were shocked. Some sat in disbelief, others sat and dissected it to figure out the science behind it, and then there were those that had known it all along and rejoiced in the glory of the old “fact” being shattered and the Truth being revealed. It only took one person to show so many others what was possible.This gave others permission to live their Truth and illuminated possibility. Within 30 days of this new found truth, there were multiple other people that accomplished being timed at under four minutes for running a mile. Since 1999 the record stands at 3:43.13.

One person ‘gave’ many others permission to believe and do differently. This is magical, and also where the crux of the problem lies. Each of us, as some point in our life, allows information outside of us to dramatically influence and even dictate the Truth inside of us. We must not stray from our inner Truth, our inner knowing—the kind voice that gently reminds us of what we need, what will support us, what we are capable of, what nourishes us, what is possible, etc.

When we ignore or refuse to listen to that voice and follow the compass of our own unique Truth, we risk our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being—we risk never feeling successful, purposeful, and fulfilled. By not fully listening to our inner Truth we allow the truth of others to create the blocks and barriers we continuously find ourselves trying to navigate over, under, and through.

What belief are you holding on to as “fact” or “truth,” that is more than likely only an illusion holding you back? What measurement is out there taunting you and keeping you from unlocking and unleashing your truest potential? Go within, become aware of possible illusions, connect to your Truth (your inner knowing and LOVE), acknowledge what you know to be possible for YOU, own it and declare it. You are the only one that can free yourself, so give yourself permission already, go out and prove what YOU know to be True.

P.S. A few other things that were never true: Earth is flat, an atom can not be split, the right brain can’t do left-brain-learning functions and vice versa, we only have five senses. See, measurement is inherently flawed. Believe in yourself and question everything outside of you, not with mistrust but with curiosity.

By Melissa Reese
The Pursuit Guru