The Retreat.

Some days I feel like I can take on the world! … And some days I feel like the world is on me. It’s in those days that I allow myself to retreat, especially since my mind and body tell me it’s time. I take time for myself. I find ways to nurture myself. I engage in some things that I know are helpful and sometimes I find new things. Sometimes it takes me a day to bounce back, sometimes a week, and sometimes longer. I’ve had to learn when to retreat and still learn how to retreat. I’ve learned that the longer I stay in something that is counterproductive to my soul, well-being, productivity, etc., I tend to need to retreat for longer. But, I go into the retreat with the intention of bouncing back.

I go into the retreat to take back my control. I go into the retreat to breathe and know that I am formulating a way or ways to come back stronger than I was before. I give myself the time and the permission to understand, to implement, and to grow. When I retreat my intention is to come back and take on the world with even more courage, more love, more kindness, and more respect for myself and others. Sometimes I am still impatient within my retreat because at times I want the process to go more quickly. I work through this too.

I am human. I am not a robot that can move through things unscathed. I must practice for myself what I encourage others to practice. I must be a light with in myself in order to shine. Others may see my light as dim or bright, that I am not concerned with. I must feel and see the brightness of my light for myself. I must know when my energy is low and I am having difficulty powering that light. I must practice finding what feeds me– know and acknowledge what drains and depleted me.

Sometimes the outside world feeds me and sometimes it drains me. I am the one in control of what I allow to feed me and deplete me. I must exercise that control to continue to be who I want to be and do what I want to do. When I retreat I get an even clearer vision and version of just who that is.

I am responsible for me. You are responsible for you.


~The Pursuit Guru

By Melissa Reese