More than awareness.

Awareness of an issue or ailment is a wonderful first step in realizing something exists, or persists, in opening a discussion, or looking at something differently. Awareness alone can be a daunting thing without more information, interaction, and action. How do we, as individuals, overcome or get through something and how do we, as a community, overcome and get through something? I encourage information to be shared that includes action and “how to suggestions.” Remember everything is a suggestion, it’s a matter of if we let it in as fact or not, and we get to choose what we want to believe to be “facts.”

Awareness or acknowledgement is only the first step. After that there needs to be action and interaction, done with respect, or love and respect. What I do for a living is about caring for people’s emotions and well-being. Navigating and caring for different individual’s emotions and well-being is vastly different experience each time. The state of one’s emotional well-being determines their physical and mental well-being. Helping someone through something is always a different experience.

Everyone is going through something or knows someone going through something. “That something” may not seem as big as another’s something, but that is only perspective. What one person can handle another may feel like their world is caving in. Having and sharing awareness is an amazing thing, and awareness without discussion or awareness without more content and information is not enough, though it is the first step. Sometimes the discussions can push up against boundaries and beliefs and can be uncomfortable. Often times it is in that discomfort that more awareness, truth, and different knowledge that allows for wonderful, positive growth emerges and is cultivated. Differences are okay, condemning people for them is not. It’s okay to disagree, in fact we should. We can disagree and decipher whether we want to accept the person along with their different ideas or not, and if not, we can lovingly have boundaries and a non-relationship where we wish no ill or harm, only happiness and peacefulness.

Share awareness and offer more information and interaction with that awareness. And most of all, forgive. Forgive yourself and forgive others. This is not a religious thing, this is a soul thing. Forgiveness is always for you to be in a place of love and acceptance, no matter where the other person is at. If we each practiced this on a daily basis, we would have a very different world.

by Melissa Reese