Why Pursuit Guru?

Who’s helping you in your pursuit?

The pursuit of something is how you journey. The journey lies within the pursuit. We have many pursuits and only one journey. The end goal is to reach the “reward” in each pursuit, but what you gain in pursuing that goal is often more than the goal itself. “Getting” the goal itself is a confirmation of everything you gained along the way in order to accomplish that goal and have it come to fruition. Whether you’re in the pursuit of finding your passion, or the pursuit of finding confidence, or the pursuit of finding and knowing your purpose, or the pursuit of being able to forgive and let go… Whatever the pursuit is you have to undo and let go of things that hold you back and are not serving you.

You need to record who you want to be and what you want instead over those old tapes that tend to contain information that holds you back. Get rid of the old and create the ‘new’ in order to gain lessons, learn, implement everything that you gather, and then integrate it so that it is at the deepest part of who you are in order to accomplish that end result. Sometimes that end result opens the door in continuing the journey, in continuing a pursuit of something else. The pursuit of something bigger, better, wiser, or just more.

Being in pursuit of something is taking action and taking action is the only thing that can help guide you and lead you to where you want to be. And sometimes that end goal is reached in a way that you couldn’t have fathomed at the beginning of the pursuit. Sometimes we make goals that seem really big and sometimes it’s not the accomplishment of the goal that matters but what we learned along the way or what we learned pursuing that goal. What we learn can end up changing what the goal itself is.

Sometimes a goal is set to do something physical, like complete a marathon. This is actually a pretty dynamic goal when you think about it, and it’s actually not just physical, though many think that’s what it is. In actuality the emotions behind it are far more powerful than the physical act of completing the goal. The completion of the marathon is actually the culmination of learning responsibility, determination, confidence, humility, gratitude, excitement, joy, better mental health, etc. The goal wasn’t necessarily to learn all those things just listed, the goal was to complete a marathon, but what is needed to complete a marathon is more than just being able to run or to ride a bike or to swim.

No life-changing goal can be accomplished without loss and gain in the pursuit of it. And most life-changing goals are not accomplished alone.

So, who’s helping you in your pursuit?

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By Melissa Reese